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2022 Innocube der erste drahtloser satellit
S. Montenegro, T. Baumann, E. Dilger, F. Sittner, M. Strohmeier, T. Walter, S. Gläsner
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2022 An Educational Platform for Testing and Evaluating Satellite Control Algorithms in a Real-Time and Frictionless Environment
Khubaib Ahmad, Atheel Redah, Arslan Arif, Awais A Khan, M Kamran Saleem, and Sergio Montenegro

2022 Thrust Vector Observation for Force Feedback-Controlled UAVs
Lennart Werner, Michael Strohmeier, Julian Rothe and Sergio Montenegro
Drones Journal

2021 A new innovative real-time tracking method for flying insects applicable under natural conditions
Thomas Walter, Jacqueline Degen, Keram Pfeiffer, Anna Stöckl, Sergio Montenegro, Tobias Degen
BMC Zoologie

2021 Innocube: venturing new technologies in space: wireless satellite and storing energy in the structure
Sergio Montenegro
Aerospace and Aeronautics World Forum 2021

2021 A Configurable Framework for Satellite Software
Frank Flederer; Sergio Montenegro
2021 IEEE 12th International Conference on Software Engineering and Service Science (ICSESS)

2021 Model-Based Framework for On-Board-Software
Frank Flederer, Sergio Montenegro
Small Satellite Conference 2021, Utah

2021 Creating a Setup to Assess the Use of Virtual Reality for Mission Control
Felix Sittner, Sergio Montenegro, et al.
Small Satellite Conference 2021, Utah

2021 INNOCUBE Real Time Radio Protocol
Sergio Montenegro
33rd Euromicro Conference on Ral Time Systems
5-9 July 2021, Virutal Conference

2021 Software Streamlining: Reducing Software to Essentials
Michael Dorin; Sarija Janardhanan; Sergio Montenegro
2021 IEEE International Conference on Automation/XXIV (ICA-ACCA)

2021 Machine learning in planetary rovers: a survey of learning versus classical estimation methods in terramechanics for in-situ exploration
AmenosisLopez-Arreguin, Sergio Montenegro
Journal of Terramechanics

2021 Towards in-situ characterization of regolith strength by inverse terramechanics and machine learning: a survey and applications to planetary rovers
Amenosis Lopez Arreguin, Sergio Montenegro, Erik Dilger
Elsevier Planetary and Space Science

2021 A Testbed for a three dimensional Pico-Sphere Satellite-Simulator(T3Dpilare)
Muhammad Faisal; Florian Wolz; Felix Dengel; Sergio Montenegro
IOT, Electronics and Mechatronics Conference (IEMTRONICS), IEEE International

2021 InnoCube -- A Wireless Satellite Platform to Demonstrate Innovative Technologies
Benjamin Grzesik Tom Baumann Thomas Walter Frank Flederer Felix Sittner Erik Dilger Simon Gläsner Jan-Luca Kirchler Marvyn Tedsen Sergio Montenegro Enrico Stoll
MPDI aerospace Jpurnal

2021 Paths not taken - The Gossamer roadmap - other options
Jan Grundmann, PeterSpietz, ....., Sergio Montenegro,
Advances in Space Research, Feb 2021

2021 The MASCOT lander aboard Hayabusa2: The in-situ exploration of NEA (162173) Ryugu
Jan Grundmann, Tra-Mi Ho, .... Sergio Montenegro,
Planetary and Space Science

2021 Ethical Lapses Create Complicated and Problematic Software
Michael Dorin, Sergio Montenegro
CSE 2021: 2nd Workshop on Ethics in Software Engineering Research and Practice 4th June 2021,

2021 Paths Not Taken - the Gossamer Roadmaps Other Options
Jan Thinmo Grundmann, et all.

2021 Linguistic Economy Applied to Programming Language Identifiers
Michael A. Dorin, Sergio Montenegro